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Achieve greater success in your life and career?
Make more money, have better relationships, improve health?
Turn learning and knowledge into results?
Be more productive (work less-achieve more)?
Identify what’s working / what’s not working?
Identify your limitations and fears?
Unlock the potential of your personality?
Learn how to rebalance your life?
Find your Focus?
Create your 90 day ACTion plan



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Identify what’s working / not working
Identify limitations and fears
Create and refine your compelling vision
Learn how to rebalance your life
Find your Focus
Create your 90 day plan

"Truly a workshop with a difference! I came to the “The Success Makeover!” Workshop with a hope to learn something new. What it turned out to be is a total transformation of my life. I found myself travelling into an amazing life changing journey! My longtime dream of authoring a book had already taken shape much before the workshop was over. It was a wonderful day spent with Suresh and Beejal. I look forward for many such interactions!!!" - Ganesh


Awareness of Current Reality

What have you achieved in the last 90 days, define your current state

Mind Your CRAP

(Identify the confusion, resistance, anxiety, problems, which are holding you back)

Debug Your CRAP

Tool & process for reducing and removing the CRAP

Create Your Compelling Life Vision

Create your compelling guiding vision.

Find Your FOCUS & Balance

Extract key objectives from your lifeplan to focus on and rebalance your life.

Timeline to Success

Focus on one key action for next 90 days for results.

Mastermind & Resources

Mastermind your business with others at the workshop and get referrals for resources to implement your plan.

Declarations & Commitments

End the weekend with declarations and commitments to your plan.
"I attended at a very confusing time. The on the spot coaching I received from Beejal shifted something in me. I thought my issue was lack of confidence, Beejal helped me realizes it was not. I learned how to ask powerful questions, and a few weeks later, I have never been so excited about the business that came out of the Boot Camp" - Namitha Acharya, co-founder GoYogi Tours

Where You Turn Knowledge Into Results

Let’s start with what THE SUCCESS MAKEOVER is not: it’s not a networking club (although you can), it’s not a referral club like BNI (although you can), and it’s NOT about learning more content... it's about ACTUALIZATION… getting you into ACTion to CREATE RAPID RESULTS.

THE SUCCESS MAKEOVER is an event based on a proven system that brings entrepreneurs together to co-create success. It’s an opportunity to do all the things an entrepreneur and business owner should be doing… but DON’T because we get too busy with life and business to slow down enough to ACTUALLY put learning & knowledge into ACTION and CREATE the results we desire.
During The Success Makeover You Will:

  • Do the things you know you need to do, but don’t do!
  • Dive deep into subject matter your subconscious prefers not to deal with
  • Engage in group interactions and learn to support others
  • Evaluate your current progress through a mastermind process
  • Have the opportunity to sit in the hot seat and get authentic feedback and coaching
  • Go through a proven system to help you set and evaluate your current life plan and set appropriate goals
  • Have a supportive team to help you address BLOCKS and create BREAKTHROUGHS and much more...
"I have never seen any program be adopted so quickly. Success Makeover, presents a unique opportunity for everyone to catalyze the success that we want to achieve. Execution is what Success Makeover is all about. Wonderfully scripted and well directed program I have ever attended, and I am taking this opportunity to thank Beejal and Suresh who have helped me shift my gears and I am seeing tangible results and success. Waiting for the next Success Makeover event. I personally would recommend this program to all my friends." - Anantaraman Chandramouli.

The Success Makeover Boot Camp was created by Beejal Parmar and Suresh Babu for one sole purpose… to help you create rapid results and achieve the success you desire.

"After attending The Success Makeover, I got the confidence and clarity to start my business. A few weeks later, my business was up and running, my website was done, and I am now in Delhi on my first business trip" - Yogi Parmar, co-founder of GoYogi Tours.


Results Coaching Session with Suresh Babu

Post event Suresh will help you refine your plan using processes and practises he learned and mastered in Microsoft which earned him numerous accolades.

VALUE: Rs.9000/-

One Person
Only Rs. 14,000/-
Partner (2 people)
5 or more
ASK for BULK Ticket Price
(min 5 people)
Results Performance Mastery (RPM) Members (FREE)

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Created By

Beejal Parmar is an international speaker, trainer, author, and global lifestyle entrepreneur. He is the creator of the Personality Success Blueprint Program and author of Personality To Succeed. In addition he is Co-founder of, a social media marketing software development company.

Today he’s very grateful to be living a dream global lifestyle, but just a few years ago, it was a different story, he was broke and busted...

He graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineer in 1992. Worked for a well established engineering company from 1992-2000. Joined a friend friend in business, moved to San Diego… and then life as he knew it was turned upside down…. Huge financial loss, betrayal, fraud, broken trust, loss of confidence… deep desire to simply giving up!

He used to tell people these were the rollercoaster years, but, he tells people that’s not accurate, “you choose to get on a rollercoaster, you can predict the twist and turns… no, life was more like turbulence… sudden, unexpected and unwanted.”

Today Beejal travels around the world inspiring entrepreneurs to overcome their fears, beliefs and attachments, to unlock the secrets and potential of their personality, to align their right personality with the right opportunity and create the life that possible for them.

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Senior Facilitator & Head Trainer

Suresh Babu is a much sought after Business Performance Coach in Bangalore. He coaches CEOs and Entrepreneurs, conducts Leadership Program with MNCs, and imparts training to trainers all over India. He is a part of the Women Council initiative and volunteers at the Project Management Institute. He is also a visiting faculty at the Image Consulting Business institute, and delivers sessions on Professional Development to the participants who are aspiring to become Image Consultants and NABET Certified Soft Skills Trainers.

Suresh,is the founding director of ‘One Life Academy’ (OLA), which provides Coaching, Training and Consulting Services to Individuals & Organization. It is built upon a rich and successful professional career of 25 years with Microsoft Corporation. OLA is one of a kind of an academy helping people enhance their performances by leveraging their Strengths & Personality.

Suresh’s forte is around Project Management and People Management. He is a certified PMP since 2005. He is also a Certified Performance Coach from Gallup’s University, USA and a Certified MBTI Practitioner. It was in 2013, Suresh decided to kick start his entrepreneurship journey.

Suresh Babu is also a certified Independent Director, certified by Institute of Directors.

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